The Parish Council has previously advised that we should produce a Neighbourhood Plan as a result of the Government’s Localism Bill.

The purpose will be to define what development we would find acceptable in Bramham (the whole parish, not just the village), what areas and facilities we want to protect, along with the infrastructure needed to support any development.

By doing this we will have an opportunity to influence the outcome , rather than have decisions imposed upon us. Proposals in the Neighbourhood Plan will need to be supported by residents.

To kick off this activity residents were invited to the December 2012 Parish Council meeting, volunteers were asked for, and from this a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee has developed.

The Steering Group is comprised of 2 Parish Councillors, Cllr Val Whitbread (Secretary), Cllr Linda Richards ,  and local residents, Paul Marshall (Chair), Neil Ferres, John Whitbread, Dean Burdall, John Tritschler and Lance Porter.

We are always looking out for more volunteers to join the team. In particular we would love to have people with certain skills or backgrounds that would help put the Plan together. 
We need experts in market research, marketing and graphic designers. Any other help when it comes to leaflet drops would also be very useful.

Please let us know if you can help.

The committee is responsible and reports to the Parish Council.


Our Opposition

Latest Plans and Statement from LCC and The University of Leeds - 22/09/2015

Leeds City Councils Site Allocation Plan online response form

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Pick up a form from Bramham Post Office and post it to LCC

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Becca Hall being considered for Leeds area housing development

Bramham and Boston Spa Revised Neighbourhood Area Plan - 08/08/2016

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